Tips for Choosing the Right Skinbased Ski in Fall 2022

Skinbased’s newest ski line is now better than ever. To help you choose which model is best for your own, unique Skinbased style, we have compared our products below, highlighting their differences and the situations where each perform at their best.


More touring-focused in nature, our XCD skis perform best in variable terrain. Their longer lengths, narrower profiles, and metal edges prefer rolling hills, meadow skipping, and exciting descents. New features for this season on all XCD models include a flat-tail design that helps the skis to both track and stand better, and ABS base reinforcements on both the tip and tail, that increase durability in the high-wear zones.

XCD BC 160

For years, our community has asked for a ski that combined the downhill ability of our XCD collection with the functionality of a skishoe. Now, the wait is over. The XCD BC 160 has been created on our tried-and-true XCD platform, but in a slightly wider version. This increase in width not only makes for a more stable ski, but also increases the size of the skin area, improving its climbing ability. Equipped with a new, stiffer camber that allows for better weight distribution across the length of the ski, the BC offers improved float on soft snow, and is ideal for larger XCD skiers and those skiing with a heavy pack. If you are after a ski that both offers stability underfoot and can carve turns down the hill, choose the BC as your partner.

XCD GT 160

With its downhill focus, the now iconic XCD GT 160 keeps many of its proven and well-loved features, such as its narrower profile and time-tested camber. The biggest changes are found on ski’s tip and tail, in the form of the seamlessly integrated ABS reinforcements. Additionally, the GT 160 also picks up the new flat-tail design, improving performance when traveling across gradual terrain and while edging on hardpack snow. The XCD GT 160 is built for the vertically-minded Skinbased skier. If steeper terrain and long tours call to you, the GT 160 will not disappoint.

XCD GT 137

Wrapping up our XCD collection is the XCD GT 137 - our ski for younger Skinbased rippers, around 10 years of age ang older. Built for variable terrain and rolling hills, the GT 137 offers the same performance and features as the XCD GT 160, only on a smaller platform. These features now include the recently redesigned flat tail for improved performance, as well as ABS base reinforcements, which bring increased durability. For those who have outgrown the POH, the GT 137 is the ideal next step.


Suitable for a vast range of winter adventures, Skinbased skishoes are perfect for those whose goals are as varied as the snow conditions! For the winter of 2022/23, all skishoes feature our new flat-tail design, which offers both better tracking and easier storage. All adult skishoe models now include ABS base reinforcements, increasing durability and overall product longevity. Whether it's casual afternoons out with friends, professional use, multi-day expeditions, or something else entirely, our skishoes will be your ticket to adventure.

KAR 149

This latest KAR draws strongly on the legacy of its predecessor, while at the same time offering major improvements in performance. An entirely new tip design, inspired by our XCD collection, offers slightly more rise and volume, increasing float on those deep powder days. The time-tested skin zone and camber remain the same, while the new ABS base reinforcements and flat-tail upgrades improve durability and edge control on hardpack snow. All new graphics on a weight-saving printed top sheet wrap up this ski, the most versatile in the Skinbased line. For those who want to do it all, look no further.

WAP 129

The WAP 129 is our new, deep-powder specialist. This wide and slightly cambered skishoe now comes with a new tip design for increased volume, helping you to stay afloat in soft conditions. Taking inspiration from older WAP models, the 129 keeps its tried-and-true skin area as well as composite edges, which improves safety for use around pets. A new flat tail with ABS base reinforcements increases durability. The WAP’s short length is ideal for navigating through dense brush, while the broad width offers an exceptionally stable feeling underfoot. For foresters, hunters, photographers, and others looking to maximize floatation and maneuverability, the WAP 129 has you covered.

POH 100

Finally, our children’s skishoe, the POH 100. Maintaining most of its original design, this is a versatile, all-terrain ski that really allows children to explore the winter surroundings on their own terms. We have prided ourselves on the POH’s ability to bring all the performance and function of adult skishoes to children. With that, this season we incorporated the new flat-tail design into the POH as well. This helps children to track better when moving across flat ground. A perfect first ski, the POH 100 is ideally suited to users around 5 to 10 years of age.

Have you decided which skis are the ones for you? Share your choice with us or ask for further advice on social media - Instagram: @skinbased; Facebook: Skinbased by OAC; YouTube: Skinbased by OAC.

Let’s go on an adventure!

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